Christmas Hair 2014 part 2


Sleek polished locks..

Begin with spraying Aveda Brilliant Gloss Spray on hair to give heat protection.
Then section hair off at nape in two inch sections.
Using Cloud Nine Touch Irons or Cloud Nine Wide Irons.
Work through sections from root to point using small toothed comb to glide through the hair.
As ceramics straighten, slightly roll the irons as you work this will achieve a more polished finish and catch all the layers and loose ends.
Continue until hair has been straightened..
Now give all the hair a final blast with cool hair dryer in a downward position on the hair.
Believe it or not this will give a professional finish to a sleek look…

Enjoy x

Christmas Hair 2014 Part 1


Gorgeous waves

Loose curls achieved with cloud nine wand.
Spray hair with Aveda Brilliant Gloss spray to give heat protection.
Take random sections of hair from the nape, clipping away sections not being worked on.
Wrap small to medium sections of hair around wand in spiral technique until end of hair is around the wand.
Be very careful as wand is extremely hot!
Unwind hair and let fall to create wave.
Repeat throughout entire head.
To achieve a more dishevelled finish leave out random sections of hair and or pick different size pieces of hair as you work through.
Finally dress the waves with Aveda Brilliant Gloss Serum,
One pump dispensed in Palm then work into hands before taking random pieces of hair & dressing the waves as the eye allows.
Result Gorgeous sexy waves ….


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