June 28, 2015 petrabentley

Bespoke wig cut and testimonial

Losing my hair was one of my biggest worries when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. I knew I was going to try the cold cap with my chemotherapy but there was no guarantee it would work. I talked to Petra about getting a wig and she ordered in half a dozen for me in my hair colour to try and arranged for me to come in to the salon when it was quiet so I would feel comfortable trying them on and bring a friend with me for an objective opinion. I was worried it wouldn’t look like real hair and the plan was to keep one ready incase I lost my hair. The wigs Petra sourced were fantastic, I decided to wear on from the beginning of my treatment ,she cut it to my existing style and even I was astounded at how much like my own hair it looked. Even my closest friends and family had no idea it wasn’t my own hair and were shocked when I told them. It played a critical part in maintaining my self esteem and positive attitude throughout my treatment. My friends still ask me when I see them if it’s my own hair or not even though I am no longer wearing it as they struggle to tell the difference ! Having such a good wig meant I did not have to wash, dry or straighten my own hair so much and in conjunction with the cold cap I am sure this is what helped me keep a lot of my own hair. Petra offers a fantastic service and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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