December 14, 2014 petrabentley

Christmas hair 2014 part 3…


Easy chignon….

Blast all hair with a hair dryer and a fine aerosol hairspray like Aveda Air control.

Then put in a low side parting.
Using a back combing brush or tail comb, comb gently away from face in a side fringe, working the other side to meet at the opposite side at back of head.
So that parting is opposite to section where pony tail will be.
Take a covered band and wrap around hair about 3 or 4 times don’t pull all hair through creating a looped section..
Teasing the loop and applying gentle back combing will create a dishevelled chignon, teasing, pinning and spraying to achieve a personal look on the eye…
Making the chignon as small or as big as you like…
A final spray to tame any loose ends around the head will complete the final look.

Enjoy x

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